Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting around in Cabarete by car, motorcycle or on foot is easy as it consists of one main road of about 800 meters (0.5 mile). Walking to your destination is usually possible, either along the beach or the main street. Driving in Cabarete and along the North Coast in general is simple, as there is one main road that runs from Puerto Plata to Samana.

Car rentals

Car rental agencies are located at all the airports, and can be booked in advance online. There are also several reputable car rental agencies right in town, but the cost will be slightly higher.


Licensed Taxis are everywhere and are a good alternative as well. You can find them in the center of town, or ask your hotel concierge to call one for you. It’s always best to negotiate the fare before you depart.

Public Transportation

For public transportation options, you have a few choices. Speaking Spanish helps, otherwise just learn the protocol and you’ll be fine. Also, having the exact amount when you pay is important.


For the adventurous, taking a Moto Concho short-distances around town during the daytime are a quick and easy way to get around. Motorcycle taxis are abundant and will take you directly to your destination.  Typical fare is about 20-50 pesos per person during the day, and after dark, the fare doubles. Taking a Moto Concho at night is not advisable though, as many of the bikes have non-functioning taillights and can cause serious accidents. Be careful getting on and off the Motos, or else you may end up with a muffler burn on your leg, affectionately known as ‘a Dominican tattoo’.

Publicos + Guaguas

Sedans called ‘Publicos’ and mini-vans called ‘Guaguas’ are your other options. You can flag down either from anywhere on the side of the road and get out wherever you want. A Publico is 20 pesos per person in the day and 40 at night. Guaguas are 10 pesos per person and only operate during the day.