What to Do

What to Do

This little adventure town has something for everyone. If you are a water sports enthusiast, this is the perfect place for you. Cabarete is a mecca for lovers of the sea, with glassy conditions for surf in the mornings and perfect winds for kiteboarding, windsurfing and sailing in the afternoons. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, an exhilarating mountain bike trip through the jungle, cave jumping, or zip lining over the tropical palms definitely will. There are several reputable tour operators right in town that will be happy to help you discover everything Cabarete has to offer.

In Cabarete, you can relax and enjoy the stunning beaches, sunshine, international cuisine and fantastic nightlife. You will find charming local boutiques for shopping, chaise lounges under palm trees for a siesta, and the chance to rejuvenate with yoga, spa treatments and massage. Check out some of the fun activities Cabarete has to offer!


Cabarete is a mecca for kite boarders and its unique location in the Atlantic Ocean combined with steady trade winds and a protected reef create ideal kite boarding conditions all year around. You can’t call yourself a kite boarder before you have visited this bustling beach town. At Cabarete beach you’ll find plenty of IKO certified instructors should you need a lesson or a refresher.

If you are confident to explore on your own, the area provides a lot of spots to take your kite and start jumping those waters.

Kite beach offers consistent wind from noon and onwards, but it gets crowded with instructors, beginners and hotshot locals. Further out you’ll find calmer conditions with flat sections between sets.

Encuentro in the afternoon is a better option if you want fewer people and bigger waves. La Boca a spot in a rivermouth is also a popular spot and should not be missed if you are a sucker for flat waters. However, the lagoon is pretty small and shared with other kiters it can be difficult to maneuver your kite. After a sick session at La Boca downwind to Cabarete. This takes approximately 20 minutes and is a perfect ending to a great kite day. Just remember to go before the wind is settling.

The best season for kiters is between June and September. Trade winds from North east provides stabile wind of 20 to 30 knots per hour.

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Windsurfers have flocked to Cabarete for over two decades, chasing the wind in these beautiful surroundings. Back in the days Cabarete was merely a quiet fishing village until it was discovered by hungry windsurfers. It didn’t take long before the little town was changed to one of the worlds most attractive destinations for windsurfing.

Well, the good news is the wind is still firing after 20 years of keeping the shorelines fun for all windsurfing lovers. It picks up in the afternoon, giving you plenty of time to recover from last nights partying, take a dip in the pool or go for a stroll on the beach. You’ll find the windsurfing centers right in the bay with qualified instructors to help you get rigged. Whether you want to rent, buy or take a lesson, the shops here have what you need.

Cabarete has hosted several world class windsurfing events, and every year an international competition is held at this very spot. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be part of the sport that put Cabarete on the map.

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Stand up paddle surfing (SUP), is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage. An ancient form of surfing and a pastime of Hawaiian kings, SUP has long been a part of water culture.

Cabarete Bay provides perfect conditions for the sport, with the glassy, clear water of the early morning.  The sport benefits athletes with a strong ‘core’ workout that is ideal for many age groups and body shapes. Those seeking waves can explore the nearby surfing beaches or outer reefs for a more adventurous experience.

Stand up paddle surfing lends itself well for those who want a cardio, balance or strength workout, and is also a great sport for those seeking some rehabilitative exercise in a unique atmosphere on the water. Lessons, rentals and SUP guided tours are available locally.

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Fantastic snorkeling is available just around the corner from Cabarete. 20 minutes away, in the neighboring town Sosua, a beautiful coral reef is waiting for you to explore. The reef lies in a sheltered bay and provides perfect conditions for snorkeling. You don’t have to worry much about current in this bay. A water temperature of 26 degrees will keep you comfortable as you get right up close to the colorful aquatic life.

Underwater visibility varies, but the water in the bay is usually clear enough to see all the way to the bottom. Tropical animals are diverse and many, and you’ll feel like you are a part of this underwater world as you snorkel along this stunning quiet reef.

Either arrange a trip through your local tour guide or do the trip alone. Take a gua gua (mini bus) or a taxi to Sousa beach and rent snorkeling gear at the beach. Rates start at 200 peso per hour.

Hot tip! Bring a banana to attract the beautiful tropical fish.

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Scuba diving

If you are looking for hot sunny days, a tropical marine life and experienced instructors for a top notch scuba diving adventure, you have come to the right place!

Clear blue water and a lively aquatic life invite you to experience scuba diving in Dominican Republic at its best. Diving on the north coast features dive sites whether you want to explore a sunken wreck, great caves or amazing coral reefs.  Dive sites display a spectacular underwater world where coral gardens bloom under the sea. Vibrant coral reefs, home to fish in all the colors of the rainbow will give you an adventure you will not forget.

Expect a breathtaking experience as you interact with sea turtles, sharks and an infinite number of tropical fish. You can rent equipment, arrange day trips or certification courses from Sosua, a short 15 to 20 minutes drive from Cabarete. A little further away in Puerto Plata you’ll have the same options. Dive sites offers perfect condition for both beginners and more experienced divers. If you don’t have your PADI certification yet this is not a problem. Introductory dives or an Open Water certification will get you deep down below in no time.

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Looking to find some inner peace, or do you need to stretch those tight hamstrings after a kiteboarding session? Quiet your mind with a session of yoga in beautiful tropical surroundings. Rejuvenate your spirit, reawaken your mind and give new life to your body. Several locations in Cabarete offer yoga group sessions or full yoga retreats.

With several classes offering beachfront studios, you can enjoy a quiet practice overlooking the ocean, close to nature. Power yoga and Vinyasa flow are available and suited for all levels. A regular yoga practice assists in developing core strength, balance and agility. Stay true to your practice and you’ll increase your overall sense of health and well-being. Yoga is a complimenting workout to board-sports such as surfing and kiteboarding, increasing your flexibility and improving your balance. Check local listings for class locations and times.

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Day spa

Enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with lemon scented candles, soothing sounds of rainforest while you literally feel all stress and tension leave your body. Whether you want a deep tissue body massage after an active day in the water, a cooling aloe facemask to settle your sunburn or a frizzling footbath followed by a pedicure, you’ll find it on the menu of many local day spas.

Treat yourself with a calming experience after an action-packed day. Relax, rewind, be divine! Be nice to your skin and enjoy a peppermint body wrap before you dance the night away. With help of the fruits of nature and essential oils your body and spirit will feel lifted after a day at the spa. The spas use natural minerals like almond sea salt, sugar and pure honey to exfoliate skin and rejuvenate cells. A massage will stimulate your senses and leave you with a feeling of total well-being. Your skin will feel silky smooth after a mud bath or a smoothie body wrap. Your face will have a radiant glow after an apple almond facial. The options are endless.

Many places offer massages for around 800 pesos, but if you want the experience described above you are best to visit the day spas.

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The Dominican Republic is considered to be one of the top golf destinations in Caribbean. Year-round perfect weather conditions and a varied terrain set the scene for an enjoyable golfing experience. Many courses are located in resort areas, offering all-inclusive packages for hotel-rooms, meals, drinks and green fees.

A short 30 minute drive west of Cabarete, you’ll find the Playa Dorada resort with an 18 hole course. This course serves no less than 14 resorts within Playa Dorada where you’ll find three casinos, several restaurants, bars and a cinema. Club rental fees start at 24 USD for 9 holes and 29 USD for 18. Home to annual international golfing championships, the varied terrain of this course is appealing to all levels of golfers.

Playa Grande Golf Course is located just forty-five minutes east of Cabarete. Sprawling over 370 acres of picturesque coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, the world-class course was designed by celebrated architect Robert Trent Jones, Sr. With ten holes playing directly on the ocean, this 18 hole, 7,085-yard course provides breathtaking views, wide open vistas, cliff-side fairways, and challenging, sloping greens.

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Deep Sea Fishing

Want to catch your own lunch? You might have to release it after you hauled it in, but the thrill of fighting big creatures of the sea certainly will build up your appetite. Go deep sea fishing and learn more about how to catch tuna, marlin, mahi mahi or even sharks. These are only some of the fish that cruise the Dominican waters. The Caribbean is world known for its fishing grounds and attracts seasoned pros as well as regular tourists looking for a good time out on the water. With a plentiful population of billfish and crystal clear water, fishing in DR offers some of the greatest sport fishing opportunities of all the Caribbean islands.

Licensed operators are happy to take you on a full or half day charter, equipment, lunch and a qualified staff included. Remember to pack plenty of sunscreen, a hat to keep your head out of the sun and maybe motion sickness tablets if you haven’t developed ‘’boat legs’’ yet.

Trips can be adjusted for those who want to bring their kids. Experienced crew and a short boat ride to the fishing grounds will ensure fun for the entire family. The best season in terms of number of fish and variety is from January to June.

Closest to Cabarete to go for a deep sea fishing adventure is Puerto Plata. Other hot spots for deep sea fishing include:

  • Punta Cana
  • Playa Grande
  • Samana
  • Santo Domingo
  • Sosua – (only small boat fishing)

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Waterfall Cascading

Tired of lazing around in the sun? Don’t miss out on this truly amazing and wet adventure, if you want to get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Just 1,5 hour outside Cabarete you’ll find a series of no less then 27 waterfalls in the Damajagua area.

Choose a local tour company like Iguana mama, or venture on your own. By the help of local guides you’ll climb, jump and swim to the top of the chain of waterfalls and cliff  jump on your way back down. This is a once in a life time opportunity and you’ll see caves and waterfalls like you have never seen it before. It is nature’s own water fun park, full of rock slides and amazing caves.

No experience is required, but you need to be a decent swimmer and ready for adventure. Bring a swimsuit and a dry set of clothing for after. End your waterfall trip with a chilled cerveza or a cool Cuba Libre at the riverside bar. Photo: adiPALMER

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Horse back riding

Picture this; a gentle warm breeze kissing your cheeks, long stretched beaches with sand glistening like diamonds in the rays of the sun, crystal clear water as far as the eyes can see, and coconut trees resting their green branches in the white sand.

Make the most out of your stay and enjoy Cabarete from the horse back and embark on this special adventure. Beautiful horses, spectacular views and sandy white beaches await you. Several ranches in the area provide day rental and instructions if you want to take an exclusive horseback ride.

This is a great opportunity to see Cabarete from a different view. You’ll see a variety of wildlife from the horseback along the way and expert guides are there to ensure a good time and keep you safe. Trails are along the beaches and or in the tropical mountain forests. Make your vacation a memorable one and contact a local tour guide today for more information. Photo: DreamBuz Media

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In the shadow of its more popular brothers namely wind- and kite surfing, this boardsport is neglected by most. However, wakeboarding should be on your to-do list for your stay in Cabarete. Located about 7 kilometers outside the heart of Cabarete you’ll find very favorable conditions for wakeboarding in the Yasice river.

This little hotspot is surrounded by tropical trees and sheltered from the wind. So when the ocean is flat and the wind is not present, get yourself to Yasica for a little wakeboarding afternoon delight.

Several options are available. Individual tows start at 35 USD for 20 minutes and includes instruction and use of equipment.

If you are a group of two to six people your best option would be to rent a boat. Hourly rates start at 100 USD.

If you need more time a half day package is also available starting at 85 USD per person. This includes two tows, lunch and transport from Cabarete. Prices increase if the pick up is in Sousa or Puerto Plata.

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Whale Watching

Whale watching is a popular tourist attraction along the Dominican coast and that’s a no brainer. Every year from mid January to mid March, humpback whales migrate to the Caribbean waters in the bay of Samana. Thousands of whales visit this area providing a once in a life time opportunity for spectators to watch the whales in their natural habitat.

This specie is known for its active nature and usually put on a show by jumping out of the water. Their acrobatic maneuvers will have you dropping your jaw in amazement. The name humpback derives from the movement it makes when it arches the back preparing to do a jump. Another special fact about this giant mammal is that it can grow up to 52 feet in length and weigh about 30-50 tons. That’s more than 50 elephants!

Samana is about a three hours drive from Cabarete and definitely worth the trip if you are in the area in the whale season.

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Zip lining

Join a zip-lining tour over the jungle canopy just outside Cabarete on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. The tours entail zipping yourself to steel cables that connect to stations suspended high above the tropical floor. This gives you a unique opportunity to view wildlife from a birds-eye view. Without question this will get your heart rate going as you zip your way between trees. It’s a great way to experience botanical life from another perspective.

Qualified instructors will guide your through safety measures and help you with the specialized equipment. Check local listings for zip line adventure details.

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Mountain biking

If you still haven’t quenched your thirst for adrenaline, mountain biking will surely take care of it. Just outside Cabarete, The Septentional Mountain Range invites thrill seekers looking for speedy bike rides on off road sections. Mountain biking is a great way to see the island and experience something totally different. If you are looking to add a little spice to your vacation this is the way to go.

These trails have been voted to be the some of the best in the world. The trails run through small Dominican villages and farms allowing you an up-close encounter with local life of the countryside while you coast down those hills.

Mountain biking is also available in El choco National park, a 77 square kilometer protected area. Here you’ll be able to enjoy over 800 species of flora and several types of bats and birds. Exotic wildlife, a beautiful lagoon and lush botanical gardens is only the short-list of things to see here.

Trips usually include transportation to the tracks, breakfast and snacks.

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Ocean World Water Park

If one of the things on your bucket list is to swim with dolphins, you can check that box now. In Puerto Plata’s Ocean World you’ll get the experience of a lifetime with these creatures. Dolphins have a reputation of being the smartest creatures in the animal world and attract people by thousands every year to visit the Ocean World park, where you’ll get the chance to be in close proximity to these fantastic animals.

Few activities can measure up with this. Dolphins are caring, playful, loving marine mammals that will kiss you, splash you and play with you when you interact with them. Bring your family or friends and spend the day at Ocean World to learn more about the dolphin family.

And if dolphins simply aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of other oceanic creatures to meet. How about shark cuddling, hand feeding stingrays or maybe handshake a sea lion? Whatever you decide, be sure to put Ocean World on your top ten things to do or you’ll miss out on a perfect way to spend your day. The park has recently been renovated and if the animals won’t lure you in the tropical surroundings with blue lagoons and cascading waterfalls definitely will.

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Main Photo: Jens Knof